Chovatelská stanice Šedý vítr - Bouvier des Flandres

Stories written by life




Earlier than I was born, it was decided that I will not go to the new family but I will stay with my mummy and master. So while my brother and sister went away, I was brought up by my mom, deliberately and with gentle warning of who is the leader... The same way the masters do, but this fact my mom Ari probably does not know…

When I was one year old, I went to my first dog show. And I wandered so many different dogs and odours. So I watched how it is doing. And because I'm a smart dog girl, immediately at the next dog show (the Bouviers club dog show), I totally surprised my owners as I won the whole dog show. Wow, they were amazed!

I did not become supercilious of it. I quite enjoy dog shows where I can play with other Bouviers or other dogs and together we could horseplay.

What was my surprise that soon after my first birthday my owners came to me and gave me a sniff to something that was red that looked very unhappy. I gently sniffed, sniffed what it is ... And hey it is dog! Small, but hopefully it will play with me .. They said it is a Belgian, what? Griffon, pff, I did not care. It quickly assimilates. And now it's quite cheeky. It pulls my beard and bustles with me, tries how to over bark me and when it has enough of tomfoolery, it crawls under the bench where I cannot reach it…