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Psi Kennel Šedý vítr has been breeding Bouviers des Flanders since 1991. And since that time bouviers have won our hearts. On the website of our breeding kennel you can find information about the breed, about our bitches and their litters.

Bouvier is a highly teachable breed and it is suitable for service dressur but also as a family dog or companion. Although each individual dog has different nature, their main qualities are deliberation, dignity, friendliness and hardihood. Bouvier likes his master and whole family. His presence will always make your time pleasant. His advantage is also a fact that he is not moulting.

Psi Since 2012 we breed Belgian Griffon too (after 15 or so years of playing with the idea). It has turned out that everything that is being said about them is right. Griffon is happy, lively companion with tolerant nature and absolutelly devoted to his/her master. Our lady has been assimilated very quickly and Bouviers are just a bit overgrown griffons for her.


Puppies 2020 - new photos

4. 3. 2020
Bouvier puppie 2020 Bouvier puppie 2020

Bouvieři - puppies 2020

27. 1. 2020

27.1.2020 new puppies has been born, M: Olexa Merry Šedý vítr, F: Aron Kim v.Dafzicht

new puppies new puppies


We accept Bouvier puppies' bookings!

29. 12. 2019

Bouvier puppies are expected at the end of january 2020. If you are interested contact us via e-mail!

Bouvier - puppies

24. 5. 2016
volný Bouvier volný Bouvier volný Bouvier